The Association of Professional Sales is the only independent organisation who understands the needs of global sales organisations and can therefore assess, validate and recognise sellers across providers, companies, and countries.

The APS is committed to recognising excellence in sales learning. We have a range of Qualifications and Apprenticeships available to those at any stage of their sales career.

APS Qualifications stay with sales professionals for life, a qualification that demonstrates a level of learning achieved and recognising the excellence of training delivered to them either via a University, Sales Training provider or in-house L&D department.

Speak to the APS about mapping your sales training to our qualification framework. Your employees or delegates will be able to achieve qualifications against their learning, and your customers will come to understand the difference between a sales person and a sales professional.

Please also speak to us about the Apprenticeship levy and how the APS are able to support this initiative.

For more information or to be updated on the progress of the B2B Sales Professional Apprenticeship, please contact us

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