Why join the Association
of Professional Sales?

Selling is one of the most ubiquitous activities in our society. Everyone at some point sells and is ‘sold to’. APS membership is for those of us who sell for a living and are interested in joining an organisation that takes pride in how we conduct ourselves and the value we deliver to our customers and clients. As a member of the Association of Professional Sales you will exhibit integrity, credibility and a genuine interest in helping your customers obtain the right products and services for their needs.

Steps to Membership

Sales Professional Parity

Reinvesting in your Profession

How we are organised

Areas of Focus

Corporate Steps

Let's talk Professionalism

Sales is an occupation in which an individual uses an intellectual skill based on an established body of knowledge and practice in sales to provide a specialised service, exercising independent judgement in accordance with a code of ethics and in the public interest

Download our 6 Steps to Membership for more information

  1. Sales Professional Parity
  2. Reinvesting in your Profession
  3. How we are organised
  4. Areas of Focus
  5. Corporate Steps
  6. Let’s talk Professionalism

Our vision

“To be the community that advances and promotes excellence in the sales profession.”

Our mission

We will achieve and sustain this vision through our major activities as captured in our Mission:

“Be recognised as the responsible voice of sales by providing development, standards and leadership to the profession.”

Our Mission brings together experts in all aspects of selling to:

  • Publish and maintain a set of standards and principles
  • Build a membership that actively improves the profession
  • Enable continuous development of every member’s skills
  • Be recognized as the influential voice of the sales community
  • Achieve Chartered Status from the Privy Council as a result of our work