Women in Sales Awards 2017: the winners

December 5 2017: The class of 2017 – a new cohort of women sales leaders – has been recognised and celebrated at a gala awards ceremony partnered by the Association of Professional Sales. (APS) As part of our campaign to foster a revolution in sales we are delighted to support this event and congratulate this year’s winners. […]

Apprenticeships, and the long road back from mis-selling scandals

December 6, 2017: If you need something that doesn’t exist, someone has to create it. That was how the Association of Professional Sales (APS) began its campaign to develop apprenticeships for sales, writes Ben Turner, APS general manager. To understand why, you need to wind back three years to when the APS started, with a daring […]

APS celebrates another milestone – apprenticeships for sales executives

December 6, 2017: We’re celebrating a new milestone at the Association of Professional Sales (APS) – apprenticeships for frontline sales executives. You may know we’ve already won government approval for the first, degree-level apprenticeships. Now this has been backed up with an agreement about the standards needed for a post-A Level qualification for everyone at the […]

‘One comment made my APS membership worthwhile’

December 7, 2017: They say two heads are better than one, so imagine a place where you can engage with hundreds of experienced sales professionals, to network, source useful content, or solve your complex sales problem. That’s what happened recently to one of our corporate members.. This week, we have officially launched our global communication platform – […]

Why explaining value is more tricky than ever

November 29, 2017 Over the last couple of decades, the salesperson’s mission has evolved from selling what the customer says they want, to co-operating with them to define what they actually need. SPIN theory and its near relative Challenger selling have changed the world of sales by teaching salespeople to become experts, both in their […]

At a glance: how the budget affects the sales industry

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 How does Chancellor’s budget effect your job of selling? Here’s a quick guide to the main business initiatives unveiled by Philip Hammond.   Business Rates The Chancellor has brought forward the switch from RPI to CPI when calculating business rate increases, a move likely to keep rises low and cut the […]

Cracking the Brexit puzzle and unlocking opportunity

15 November 2017: In the run-up to Brexit, the Association of Professional Sales is canvassing opinion about what leaving the European Union will mean for British business. Over the next 18 months, as Britain counts down to Brexit, we will be looking at how professional salespeople need to adapt to thrive in a new-look marketplace. We […]

APS patron Professor Neil Rackham awarded honorary doctorate

27 October 2017: APS patron Neil Rackham has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Edinburgh Napier University in recognition of his world-renowned achievements in the theory and practice of sales. Professor Rackham pioneered consultative selling, after using his psychology degree to devise what remains the largest piece of practical research ever conducted into the way […]

Mapping the customer journey

October 25, 2017: Understanding your customer and their needs is the key to every good business. If you know how your customer thinks and what they want, and you can deliver it, your business is set fair. The trouble is, getting to grips with your customers’ needs is tricky because need is driven by emotion. […]

Profit from your APS membership with Client Share

October 24, 2017: The APS is always looking at ways of benefiting our members. Our latest initiative is a link-up with the Client Share business platform where we can talk to you, and you can talk to us. Client Share is a forum for APS members to network, share ideas and find out important information from […]

Enabling APS members to gain more value from the APS Client Share platform

October 24, 2017: APS Client Share is rapidly becoming our most important platform for the distribution of our growing wealth of APS content, writes APS Managing Director UK Denise Bryant, in this open letter to members. You, our members, are telling us you really like the ability to comment online about the content we are providing and to participate […]

Tell customers the value you add to their business

18 October 2017: One of the most powerful things a salesperson can do is to put a real price in money terms on the value their product or service could add to a customer’s business. Research has shown repeatedly that if a buyer is given a credible, proveable estimate of the amount of money a […]

How to get to customers earlier in the buying cycle

October 16, 2017: One of the biggest challenges facing sellers today is how much harder it is to speak to customers before they have already made up their minds. Customers are on average 68% of the way along the buying process before they contact a sales organisation, according to the expert research group Forrester. The wealth of […]

How digital marketing can deliver better sales results

October 16, 2017: Digital technology that helps us buy and sell has revolutionised the selling industry, leaving many struggling to keep up. Traditionalists can see the revolution as a threat to the way they have always done business, but for digital marketeers like James McCarthy, the founder and CEO of Brightfly, the opportunities to deliver better sales […]

The Association of Professional Sales makes its mark at Westminster

12 October, 2017: The role of the Association of Professional Sales has been recognised in a parliamentary debate on maintaining high standards in the sales industry. APS Fellow and new MP Stephen Kerr told MPs in a debate on data protection and Brexit that he was proud to have spent the last 30 years of […]

First sales apprentices to start work after landmark ruling

October 9, 2017: The UK’s first ever degree-level Apprenticeship in Sales has been given the green light. It was a proud moment for everyone at the Association of Professional Sales, who have worked hard for this moment. The news was announced at Consalia’s 13th Global Sales Transformation conference, sponsored by the APS. Delegates cheered as Jonathan Mitchell, […]

Guest blog: The sporting beginnings of business coaching

5 October 2017: Business has been seeking to draw lessons from sport for over forty years. The word ‘coach’ has been used in sports since the 19th century, but it was only in the 1980s that it really began to enter the business lexicon. John Whitmore, a former racing driver and pioneer of coaching as […]

Attracting, developing and retaining high potential salespeople – conference summary

28 September 2017: Many companies see attracting top sales staff as the silver bullet that will end their problems and boost their growth. With too few high-potential salespeople to meet rampant demand, how do you make sure your company gets the best? A wealth of experience and scientific research was shared at yesterday’s APS conference […]

How to avoid the costly attrition of your best staff: UPS delivers a solution

19 September 2017: Unplanned attrition – the sudden departure of key sales staff – is a major headache for the sales industry. It is a topic that has risen again and again in our conversations with sales leaders, writes Andrew Hough, CEO of the Association of Professional Sales. The statistics, set out in a recent CSO Insights […]

You’re in sales? Differentiate yourself from the crowd.

August 29, 2017: As a salesperson, you know you are hard-working, effective, professional and customer-centric, writes Denise Bryant, APS Managing Director. You know therefore that you are incredibly successful. You also know that you are trusted by your managers and your clients because you can always be relied upon to do the right thing at […]

Martin Moran, MD at insidesales.com, joins APS Members durhamlane as a Non-Executive Director

August 2, 2017: durhamlane, the leading UK sales performance company, today announced the appointment of Martin Moran, MD at insidesales.com and former Salesforce Leader, to its board as a Non-Executive Director (NED).

The Institute of Leadership and Management and The Association of Professional Sales announce strategic partnership

July 25, 2017:  The two professional bodies have set out a strategic collaboration to provide enhanced benefits to individual and corporate members of both organisations, advancing professional excellence in sales and leadership with 6 key aims:

Improve your sales career from your sun lounger

July 21, 2017: There’s nothing like holiday reading to help you relax and unwind, especially if it can recharge your career batteries at the same time. With that in mind, we have asked senior sales leaders to give you their recommendations, not just books and articles, but videos, social media to follow, and even sport to […]

APS announces appointment of new UK Managing Director

July 20, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales (APS) is delighted to announce the appointment of Denise Bryant as UK Managing Director. Denise will be responsible for the leadership and development of the APS in the UK. She will play a key role in meeting the organisation’s growth goals with a focus on further delivering our Corporate […]

Ben Gaston: the creative seller and the technical marketplace

July 18, 2017: Putting a theatre director in charge of a team of technical salespeople may not seem like the best plan, until you meet Ben Gaston, sales director at Toshiba TEC. Gaston understands people, copes with pressure, likes to create and run projects and thrives on a long working day that finishes late, and […]

How professional standards get you noticed

July 18, 2017: When your market is saturated and your competitors, like you, are looking for an edge to win business, having the Association of Professional Sales at your side can make all the difference, says Ben Gaston, sales director at Toshiba TEC. Gaston has spent 20 years in the business services sector, most of those […]

Industry leaders to deliver APS sales qualifications

July 17, 2017: The Association of Professional Sales is delighted to announce that it has recruited five training partners of the highest calibre to deliver its sales qualifications. Earlier this year the Association launched its suite of qualifications, aimed at everyone from those starting their sales career to aspiring managers and leaders. We can now reveal […]

Why world-class training for sales managers wins business

July 12 2017: It’s a paradox that sales manager have the most complicated and influential job in sales, yet consistently receive less training than the people they lead. New research has revealed that this approach is shortsighted. The potential rewards of a proper development programme for sales managers are large. Why are sales managers left […]

APS launches two powerful free tools to improve customer experience

In future all APS members, corporate and individual, will have free access to a pioneering new method of measuring whether customers were happy with the sale process. Sales professionals will also be able to set up secure virtual meeting rooms, where they can talk to their clients and stakeholders in privacy about an individual deal, and safely exchange and store key data.

Comment: why sales needs a professional body

Why does sales need a professional body? Hasn’t the industry been getting along fine without one all these years? Sales people don’t need ethical standards or a string of letters after their name to do the job. So long as they carry on making their number everything’s fine, right? Wrong, says Ben Turner, the general manager of the Association of Professional Sales.