30 January 2018: 9.00 – 10.00 am GMT :

     Key takeaways: 

  • What technologies and platforms will accelerate social selling.
  • How to cut through the social noise.
  • How to build it into your existing sales strategy.

Target audience:  all APS member levels

Social Selling has been a buzz phrase in the sales industry for a few years now, but it’s not dying down. As the world continues to move into the social space it’s become one of the best ways to find, connect and build relationships with your buyers.

In this webinar we will dig into how social media is transforming the way people buy and sell and how as a profession we can adapt. We will talk about what social selling actually is, what platforms can be used and how businesses, sales teams and sales leaders can get the most of it. We’ll discuss how social media is impacting the buying process, how to bring sales and marketing together, how to effectively plan and how to take if offline when the time is right.

Key takeaways: 

  • What technologies and platforms will accelerate social selling
  • How to cut through the social noise
  • How to build it into your existing sales strategy

About the Presenter:

Daniel Disney is a top 50 recognised global sales guru and has built one of the largest social audiences in the sales industry. After a hugely successful 10 year career using traditional selling methods, Daniel entered the world of social selling and hasn’t turned back. Bringing traditional selling together with social Daniel is now helping customers adapt to their modern buyers.

Other Technical Details:

– We will be using GoToWebinar.

– You can join our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.

Daniel Disney

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