13 September 2017: 9.00 am – 10.00 am BST :

     Key takeaways: What Social Selling really is and where it fits in the sales process; How to use Social Selling to open closed doors; How to get started on your Social Selling Journey

Join the Association of Professional Sales for ‘Social Selling : The New Account Door Opener’ Webinar.

The Buyer Dynamic has changed an is never going back. It is harder than ever to get to the decision maker you want to reach. How do you differentiate yourself and open more doors? What actions can you take to increase your success rate?

Could you be utilising social media to create meetings, accelerate your pipeline and generate more revenue? What would be the impact if you were able to create just one additional meeting per week?

For a while Social Selling has been the most mentioned sales term and yet few correctly understand it or employ it as part of their sales approach. Social Selling is a methodology, not a tool and learning these new skills is key to remaining relevant and successful in Sales, as we progress towards 2020. Learn where and how to use Social Selling as a new tool in your sales kit bag.

Key takeaways:
• What Social Selling really is and where it fits in the sales process
• How to use Social Selling to open closed doors
• How to get started on your Social Selling Journey

About the presenter:
Ian Moyse has been a leader in the cloud industry for over 12 years and is Sales Director, Natterbox. Ian sits on the boards of industry bodies FAST and the Cloud Industry Forum and in 2016 & 2017 Ian was a judge on the UK Cloud Awards. Ian has been rated #1 Global SaaS influencer (Klout) and #1 cloud Social influencer from 2015-2017 (Onalytica). He is widely published on Cloud and is an approved writer for Cloudtech and has been published by the National Computing Centre. Ian sits as a Non Exec on Social Selling Specialist firm Digital Leadership Associates and is widely known as a leading Social Selling advocate. Ian is a Fellow of the APS.

Target audience:  all APS member levels

Other Technical Details:
– We will be using GoToWebinar.
– You can join our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.

Ian Moyse of Natterbox

Ian Moyse
Sales Director

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