23 March 2017:  Millennium Hotel, 44 Grosvenor Square, London  W1K 2HP

Sales and revenue leaders must grow the top line. It is their core responsibility. To do this many build and execute strategy to align their organisation. But even great sales organisations are stretched by this challenge. New capabilities must be built…or found. The Miller Heiman Group Sales Leadership Series will explore how sales and revenue leaders can tool their organisations.


Keynote speakers will show new trends in sales manager and service enablement 2017. Also learn how to ensure that your sales compensation program is working


Join our workshops and discuss challenges to any sales transformation, understand the core principles of achieving customer-focused sales success or learn how to accelerate deals you can win.

Best Practices

Learn how AirPlus International faces its challenges and what they do to drive growth. Profit from networking with your colleagues and peers during the whole day.


Harry Dunklin
Miller Heiman Group

Tamara Schenk, Research Director EMEA CSO Insights

Tamara Schenk
Research Director EMEA
CSO Insights

Guy Boyd
Miller Heiman Group